October 31, 2019

Traveling with an Infant (6 month old) - Part 1

We learned some things about plane travel with an infant! We received advice from others and tested some things out and wanted to share what worked for us.

Traveling with an Infant (6 month old) - Part 1

We are enjoying our first family vacation since the arrival of our sweet girl. So, I thought it would be a perfect topic to share.

Now, I am no travel expert. I am a health and safety expert. However, I research the crap out of everything before I do it. So, this will be more of an article discussing what advice I researched and tested. When it comes to infant care, I, personally, enjoy reading about people's personal experiences and a variety of them. So, I'll share ours!! Here is a comparison of advice versus reality. Here is a little context: Our flight was about 3 hours long from 5:00pm-8:00pm and Zoe is 6 months old.

  1. Nurse/feed your baby during take off and descent. For us, this was total garbage. I attempted to feed Zoe during take-off and it was a total flop. First of all, it's hard to know when exactly to initiate the feed. I was too early. Second of all, some babies do not seccum to your timeline. Zoe was absolutely not wanting to nurse. This ticked her off and caused a meltdown. Now, I figured it was simply because she was an older baby who wouldn't just feed whenever. But, I discussed this with a fellow traveler with a 2 month old afterwards and her baby was the exact same. She was NOT having food during takeoff. In fact, her baby lost her mind during boarding, slept during take off and descent and just fed when she wanted to.
  2. Bring everything - soothers, blankets, change of clothes, diapers, etc. You never know what will happen. This one is always an agree to disagree thing for me. I am all about quality versus quantity. Also, my husband hates trying to find something in a very full bag. So, I like to try to decrease the stress all around. Plus, instead of bringing a blanket, I dressed Zoe in layers. I did bring a spare outfit for her, but it was pajamas. That way if she got too cold or if she didn't seem comfortable I could slip those. It is always good to have a spare in case of a poop or puke explosion as well. I brought a wubba nub because it's like a toy and a soother. I brought enough diapers for a 24hour period, so I didn't have to buy some as soon as we got to our destination. I usually back myself a spare shirt (because I have been pooped and puked on in the past). However, this time I wore a zip up hoodie and a tank top, so I could unzip and nurse easily and if she did puke on tank top, I could cover it up with the hoodie. Or, if she puked on the hoodie I could unzip and wear the tanktop. I should add, we did appreciate having the stroller and bucket-style car seat at the airport. It was super easy and convenient.
  3. Sit near the change table on the plane. We DID NOT do this and I am so thankful. Reason being, our plane's change table was at the back. Sitting at the back would have been the worst. Here is why: When you land, it takes FOREVER to get off the plane when you are the back. Even if your baby had a great flight and was feeling pretty good, this is high risk time for them. Why? Because people are going in to interact with them lots, which could set your baby off. They may be on the verge of needing to sleep, but not willing to wait for everyone. They may need to wiggle and move, but now have to be restricted. We sat right behind the fancy seats on the plane and it was AWESOME. When we boarded we got right to our seats. When we were in the air we were one of the first to get a snack (YES!). When we landed we got off in a jiff. We were so quick that we forgot to get our stroller and my husband had to go back for it haha.
  4. Make sure your baby is tired before the flight. This is absolutely ridiculous in our case. I did not follow this only because I know my baby girl and when she is tired she is CRAZY. She needs Z's like you wouldn't believe. She had a normal nap routine as much as possible and was awake for the majority of the flight.
  5. Book your baby their own seat. I read this advice geared towards babies over 6 months of age. We did not do this because we are cheap. I feel like I do see how this would be beneficial. However, that is a lot of money for someone so tiny who may end up being on your lap the majority of the flight regardless. If you have a lot of extra cash around OR if it is a very long flight and it isn't too much more money, then I could see the value in this.

That's it for now! Stay tuned for part 2 when we finish up our vacation and take the flight home.

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